Welcome! Take it easy! Enjoy the beautiful scenery and good taste. 

Cherry in Spring, Breeze in Summer, Awn Flower and Clouds and Mists in Winter”. Jiufen is located besides the sea and at the foot of mountains. The sceneries of four seasons are various. The ancient-style red lanterns are hanging on the streets. The interweaving of ancient buildings with plain humanity results in special old street culture, which attracts tourists to slow down their paces. It is a place where the tourists can relax physically and mentally. 

Owing to peacetime and bumper harvest, Siid Cha is made in such a beautiful and natural place, Jiufen. 
In this beautiful and natural environment, we carefully retain the flavor of grains and provide a quiet and cozy place for the travelers to rest. While you are looking at the surrounding mountains and seas silently, take a sip of the drink quietly, relax physically and mentally, immerse in the purity and fragrance. You may enjoy the slow pace exclusively belonging to Jiufen, taste the precious grains and the original style of Jiufen.